In order to build our online ESPRit community, we are starting a series of monthly one-hour online seminars. The first series has been held in the Spring of 2021. It took as its focus ‘Popular Magazines’, and was co-hosted by the ETMIET/KENI team from Panteion University (Athens). 

General title‘Crossover influences and local identities of the popular illustrated periodicals of the 19th and twentieth centuries’

26 March, 12-1PM CET (chair: Peter Buse, Liverpool University)
Keynote lecture by Victoria Kuttainen (James Cook University, Autralia): “Portholes, Channels, and Seductions: The Messy Affordances of Antipodean Periodical Scholarship”

16 April, 3-4PM CET (chair: Sophie Oliver, Liverpool University)

- Júlia Fazekas (ELTE University, Budapest), “Popularity of Hungarian and European fashion magazines in the 1840s”


- Charlotte Lauder (University of Strathclyde and National Library of Scotland), “Pithy people: the People’s Friend, a national magazine for Scotland”

14 May, 3-4PM CET (chair: Andrés Mario Zervigón, Rutgers University)

- Patrick Rössler (University of Erfurt), “From Simplicissimus to Simplicus and Der Simpl. Satire magazines between Nazi gleichschaltung and exile, 1934-35”

- Mary Ikoniadou (University of Central Lancashire), “Refugee publishing. The case study of the Greek political refugees in East Germany. Imaginings and aesthetics of repatriation amidst Cold War borders”


We are pleased to announce that the ESPRit seminar series will shortly enter its second cycle. The theme of the second series will continue ESPRit’s exploration of transnational illustrated periodicals of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Colleagues are invited to submit proposals for contributions in the Autumn of 2021. Proposals may consist of individual papers, or indeed of a combined panel, with a chair, on research areas that include transnational or multilingual dimensions.  Please email your proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 6 September.