The Journal of European Periodical Studies (JEPS) is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed online journal devoted to the study of periodicals and newspapers in Europe from the seventeenth century to the present. It publishes research from a broad range of critical, theoretical and methodological perspectives, including, but not limited to, cultural history, literary studies, art history, gender studies, media studies, history of science and digital humanities.

As the official journal of ESPRit, JEPS offers scholars a forum for sharing their research and exchanging ideas across disciplinary borders. Although the journal welcomes articles on any aspect of the European periodical press, it particularly encourages comparative contributions that take the study of periodical publication beyond linguistic, cultural and historical boundaries, explore new theoretical and methodological paths, and thereby open up new lines of scholarly inquiry. JEPS is published in Open Access at Ghent University. Its editor-in-chief is Prof. Marianne Van Remoortel.

Recent issues of JEPS include:

JEPS 4.1 (2019): Digital Approaches Towards Serial Publications
JEPS 4.1 (2019): Periodicals In-Between/Les Périodiques comme médiateurs
JEPS 5.1 (2020): What is Popular? Studies on the Press in Inter-War Europe
JEPS 5.2 (2020): Independent Magazines Today
JEPS 6.1 (2021): Women Editors in Europe
JEPS 6.2 (2021): Modernity and National Identity in Popular Magazines
JEPS 7.1 (2022): Miscellaneous issue
JEPS 7.2 (2022): Periodical Formats in the Market
JEPS 8.1 (2023): The Matter of Europe
JEPS 8.2 (2023): Miscellaneous issueJEPS 8.2 (2023): Miscellaneous issue

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