Date: 27 October 2023

Venue: Institute for Literature and Art, Belgrade

We cordially invite you to the conference "Between Distant and Close Reading – Periodical Studies and Humanities in the 21st Century," which will be held at the Library of the Institute for Literature and Art in Belgrade. The conference program will be live streamed via the Institute's Facebook page.

This event is a collaborative initiative of the Department of Periodicals in the History of Serbian Literature and Culture (Institute for Literature and Art) and the IuPS Research Group on Periodical Studies (IULM University of Milan).

The primary objective of this conference is to bring together researchers in the field of periodical studies to explore the empirical, theoretical, and methodological insights that periodical studies offer in the teaching and studying of humanities in the 21st century. What is more, one of the essential questions to debate is how periodical studies shape our presuppositions of what teaching and / or studying humanities should look like.

Key Themes of the Conference include:

· Methodologies of Reading Periodicals: Challenging critical paradigms in both historical and contemporary contexts.

· Reader Response Criticism in the Periodical Press: Examining the process of (re)constructing the audience and its impact on microsociology and cultural history.

· Periodical Studies' Insights: Exploring how periodical studies transform disciplines and fields within the humanities.

For detailed information about the conference program and the book of abstracts, please visit [].

We look forward to your participation!