ESPRit is pleased to inform you of the publication of Periodici del Novecento e del Duemila fra avanguardie e postmoderno, an Italian-language volume edited by prof. Paolo Giovannetti in the context of his research project "Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Periodicals: Between the Avant-Gardes and Postmodernism." Below is a short description of this publication:

The volume aims to provide a contribution to research in the field of periodical studies. As a recently defined field, the historical-theoretical study of periodicals implies multidisciplinary competences that bring together specific areas such as literature, linguistics, philosophy, law, science, as well as librarianship and archiving. It also involves different approaches, from the historical approach (history of the press, history of journalism, history of art, etc.) to the semiotic one (visual and media studies). The periodical field thus identified allows many issues to be reconsidered in an innovative way: in literature, for instance, it prompts a re-reading of national canons and assumed categories such as avant-garde, modernism, postmodernism.

Our best congratulations to prof. Giovannetti and to the volume's contributors!