Special issue of the Journal of European Periodical Studies Vol 5 No 1 (2020): Vol 5 No 1 (2020): What is Popular? Studies on the Press in Inter-War Europe

Guest-edited by Fabio Guidali and Gioula Koutsopanagou.

Table of Contents


Gioula Koutsopanagou, What is Popular? Studies on the Press in Interwar Europe: Popular Print as Historical Artefact

Martin Conboy, Aligning the Newspaper and the People: Defining the Popular in the British Press

Irene Piazzoni, Shaping a Weekly ‘For Everyone’: Italian Rotocalchi Entre-Deux-Guerres


Enrico Landoni, Propaganda and Information Serving the Italian Sports Movement: The Case of the Periodical Lo Sport Fascista (1928‒43)

Victoria Kuttainen, Books, Films, and Phonographs: Australian Interwar Magazines and the Intermediation of Historical New Media

James Whitworth, Visual Humour and the Pocket Cartoon: Osbert Lancaster and a Paradigm Shift in the British Press in the Interwar Years

Nicole Immig, Greek Illustrated Journals and the ‘Popular’ (1912‒24): In Quest for a New Research Approach

Fabio Guidali, Afterword: In the Eye of the Beholder? A Proposal for a Popular Culture Artefacts Checklist


Andrew D. Hoyt, Review of Paolo Giovannetti, ed., Periodici del Novecento e del Duemila fra Avanguardie e Postmoderno (2018)

Fauve Vandenberghe, Review of Jennie Batchelor and Manushag N. Powell, eds, Women’s Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1690–1820s (2018)