In order to build our online ESPRit community, we are organising a series of online seminars in collaboration with the ETMIET/KENI team from Panteion University (Athens).  Recordings of past seminars are available under Resources. The programme for 2022-2023 is as follows:


8 December 2022, 6pm CET: RSVP/ESPRit Online Seminar on The Foreign Language Press

Diana Cooper-Richet (Université Paris-Saclay): "The Transfopress network (2012-2022): object, activities, publications".

Jennifer Hayward (Wooster college, Ohio) and Michelle Prain (Universidad Adolfo Ibànez, Valparaiso): "The English-Language press in Chile: 19th Century global networks to 21st Century digital dialogues".

Nicolas Pitsos (BULAC/Université Paris-Saclay): "The foreign-language press and the emergence of a polyphonic capital: the case of Paris".

Isabelle Richet (Université Paris Cité): "Helen Zimmern and the Italian Gazette: the editor as cultural go-between".


20 January 2023, 3pm CET: New Computational Approaches to Periodical Studies

Thomas Smits (Antwerp University): 'Distant Viewing the Illustrated World of the Illustrated London News, 1842-1900'

Kaspar Beelen (Alan Turing Institute, UK), 'Mining Victorian Metadata. A computational analysis of historical press directories'

Ben Lee (University of Washington), 'Newspaper Navigator: Reimagining Digitized Newspapers with Machine Learning'

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3 February 2023, 3PM CET: Spaces of Translation: European Magazine Culture, 1945-1965

Presentations by members of the research group Spaces of Translation from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and Nottingham Trent University: Alison E. Martin (JGU), Marina Popea (NTU), Dana Steglich (JGU), and Andrew Thacker (NTU). More information to follow soon.

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3 March 2023, 4pm CET: Knowledge transfer and materiality in and around avant-garde journals

Gábor Dobó (Kassák Museum–Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest), ‘Comrades and censors: Tracing implied and actual readers of radical periodicals during the interwar period’

Merse Pál Szeredi Dobó (Kassák Museum–Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest), ‘No clichés. Conflicting aspects of knowledge production and printing techniques of avant-garde periodicals’

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