ESPRit and RSVP are delighted to welcome colleagues from TransfoPress, the Transnational network for the study of foreign language press from the 18th-20th century (see for an online seminar on the Foreign Language Press. The seminar will be approx 90 minutes long and will include four 15 min presentations by members of the Transfopress network followed by Q&A and discussion. The seminar is free and all are welcome.

Date/Time: 8th December at 5pm GMT / 6pm CET via Zoom. 


  • Diana Cooper-Richet (Université Paris-Saclay): "The Transfopress network (2012-2022): object, activities, publications".
  • Jennifer Hayward (Wooster college, Ohio) and Michelle Prain (Universidad Adolfo Ibànez, Valparaiso): "The English-Language press in Chile: 19th Century global networks to 21st Century digital dialogues".
  • Nicolas Pitsos (BULAC/Université Paris-Saclay): "The foreign-language press and the emergence of a polyphonic capital: the case of Paris".
  • Isabelle Richet (Université Paris Cité): "Helen Zimmern and the Italian Gazette: the editor as cultural go-between".

A recording of this seminar is now available on our YouTube channel: