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Registration is now open for this one-day event at the British Library on 5 September 2017. There's a flat registration fee of £30 per delegate that includes lunch, conference packs, tea, coffee etc. The deadline for registration is 29th August 2017.

Event Description

What do editors actually do? What makes a good editor? And more importantly, what makes a successful editor? From the Times Literary Supplement to Les Temps Modernes and Novyi Mir, from The Criterion to Die neue Rundschau and Spare Rib, there can be no doubting the influence of literary-intellectual magazines in selecting and shaping our cultural knowledge, our beliefs and values.

But we still know surprisingly little about how these crucial cultural institutions were led and managed and even how day-to-day editorial duties were undertaken in practice. Above all, we lack any kind of comparative perspective on the role of the periodical editor, both across national and historical boundaries and across different types of publications.

As part of the British Academy funded project, Editing the Twentieth Century, we address these issues during a one-day conference to be held at the British Library on 5 September 2017 exploring the key role played by the editors of periodical publications throughout the long twentieth century.

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