Marysa Demoor

Prof. Marysa Demoor

ESPRit Core Group

University of Ghent


19th Century Victorian Literature, Gender Studies, Modernist Little Magazines, Sociology of Texts, 19th Century Print Culture, Textual Editing, Visual Culture, Belgian-British Cultural Exchanges. Current projects: DNCJ: The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism. Head of the Gender and Diversity Department. Supervising: UGent of ESF-project ‘Equality Guide for Universities’, ‘Genesis and Function of the Supplements: A Genealogical and Genre-theoretical Study of British Nineteenth-Century Periodicals and Their Addenda’, ‘A Historical-Critical Analysis of the Debate between Feminism(s) and Darwinism(s)’, ‘Judith Butler Revisited: Gender and Sexuality in the Work of Edith Wharton and Djuna Barnes’, ‘Professional Journals in the 19th Century’ and ‘Authorship in Performance’. Read more.